The 7 Steps to Startup Marketing Success 2 Day Workshop


As a startup founder, marketer or small business owner are you struggling with any of these issues right now?

  • You've launched your product or service in the market but really struggling with acquiring or building your customer base?
  • You know you have to build your brand to position and differentiate yourself in the market but don't know where to start?
  • You are launching your new startup and finding it really challenging to create your Go-To-Market plan?
  • You have tried some marketing and perhaps even posted some online Ads but nothing seems to work?

Then this workshop is for you!

Think about how much time and money you'll have to spend to figure out your branding and marketing on your own?


It equips you with cutting-edge strategies that POWER UP your startup brand and marketing. It ensures you get max bang for your marketing buck and helps BUILD TRACTION FAST.

Ashok Miranda:Founder of Transmedia Consultancy and trainer for the 7 Steps to Startup success workshop

" The 7 Steps to Startup Marketing Success incorporates my deep brand building expertise with leading global multi-national companies; Walt Disney Television and Sony Pictures. The workshop includes insights, examples and case studies garnered through my extensive consulting, training and mentoring experience with startups. This is across various industries from Fintech to SaaS to brick and mortar businesses.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs build their brands and connect with today's savvy and smart customers. I believe the old marketing playbook is broken and a there is a new way to build brands and craft marketing strategies that break through the noise and clutter and attract prospects to you.

The 7 Step process incorporates highly effective and proven strategies designed to give you max bang for your marketing buck. It stacks the marketing odds in your favour and helps build traction fast."

Here's the benefits you get immediately after the workshop:

  1. Clarity on the purpose and the "WHY" of your business, so you can clearly articulate who you are, what you do and more importantly why you do it. This forms the foundation of your new brand
  2. Precise product positioning in the market, aligned with your target segment needs​
  3. Clear brand and positioning messages to differentiate you from the competition and formulate the right perception about you in your customers minds
  4. Deep understanding of your customers' purchase journey, insights to laser target your content and drive engagement and action
  5. Formulate highly effective marketing strategies and design a marketing funnel, informed by deep customer insights that generates high quality leads that convert faster
  6. Determine the right social media platforms and channels to market in, so you effectively reach your potential customers and get max bang for your buck
  7. Create sharp, laser focused and highly relevant content, promotional material and Ads that stand out and get your prospects to take action
  8. Thorough understanding of the marketing metrics that matter and know what exactly to measure that helps move the needle for your business
  9. Insights and secrets to getting customers to 'love' you. Designing unique customers experiences tailored for your business that helps retain customers and drives repeat business

A SMART and STRATEGIC process fast tracked in a 2 day power workshop!

Each of the carefully crafted steps takes you closer to your goal of gaining traction fast and successfully building your dream business.


Hundreds of founders, small business owners and company executives have already benefited from my talks, workshops and master classes. The proven techniques and tools have helped startup founders launch and scale their businesses and helped build strong relationships with their customers.

You have put in a huge effort in building your product or service and getting to where you are now. At this crucial point, be smart and DON'T underestimate the power of branding and marketing to help you get the traction you need.

Avail of the one time introductory offer price for the 2 day workshop. Take that all important step to acquire the knowledge and insights you need, to power up your brand building and marketing and successfully drive your business forward.

*Seats are limited so hurry and book yours now!


Workshop FAQ's and Terms and Conditions

1. In case I have any questions regarding registration or the workshop in general who should I contact?

You can e-mail Peatix support: https://peatix.com/contact

or call 8008523924

2. Will you serve lunch and refreshments during the workshop?

No lunch will be served, however Tea/Coffee and light snacks will be available during the morning and afternoon breaks

3. Is there a possibility that the workshop may be cancelled?

There may be circumstances in which we need to cancel the workshop. In such circumstances, we will provide you a full refund within 30 days from the date of cancellation.

4. What is the closest MRT to the venue and what are the parking options?

Closest MRT is Bugis (5 min walk To The Impact Hub @ Princep)

For affordable parking, consider the following lots:

  • Lasalle College of the Arts Car Park - The entrance to LASALLE’s basement carpark is located along McNally Street.
  • Burlington Square Car Park
  • IOI Plaza Singapore Car Park

5. What are the workshop hours?

The workshop hours are:
9:00am-5:30pm Thursday June 8 (registration at 8:30am, workshop begins at 9:00am)
9:00am-5:30pm Friday June 9

Lunch breaks will be about 1 hour long, roughly at 12:30-1P each day, so you'll have lots of time to socialize with other attendees. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the venue. No food will be served in the meeting room.

6. Should I bring my laptop or tablet to the workshop room?

You can if you want, but not required. It will probably be more trouble than it's worth. Since the workshops usually include a lot of interactivity, you may be getting up and moving around a lot.

7. What's the refund policy after I register for the workshop?

Your registration is non-refundable. However if you can't make it for whatever reason one substitution is permitted. Please email ashok@transmediaconsultancy.com and inform about this arrangement soonest.

8. Can I record the workshop (audio or video)?

Please don't record the workshops. People often share intimate details of their lives at these events. We can't authorize anyone to record what's being shared in the room.

These workshops are meant to be live, interactive experiences.

9. Do I need to prepare before I attend the workshop?

Nope. You don't. Each workshop is designed to be complete unto itself.. However we do assume that you have a very basic understanding of marketing. It will be nice if you can ascertain what exactly you need to get out of the workshop and share this on the first day morning.


The following terms and conditions apply to all companies and or persons or other entities (“you”) that are attending any workshop (“Workshop”) organised by Transmedia Consultancy (“we” or “us”). Please ensure you have read and understand the following:

1. Acceptance of terms and conditions

By completing the registration form for the 7 Steps to Startup Marketing Success, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below (“Terms”) and they will be incorporated into the contract between us (“Contract”). You will ensure that your employees, partners, agents, contractors, subcontractors and any other person attending the Workshop on your behalf shall comply with these Terms. The Contract is formed when we send you a booking confirmation

2. Payment

The fee for attending the Workshop (“Registration Fee”) will be as stated on the registration form for the relevant Workshop from time to time. Payment will be made via our merchant account provider (and you consent to us passing your necessary details to the merchant account provider and to them processing necessary information about you) or directly to our bank account, as notified to you. We reserve the right to run price promotions as we think fit.

3. Refunds

All tickets for the Workshop shall be non-refundable except as set out in paragraphs 4 and 5 below. However, if you are unable to attend the Workshop for any reason you may email us at ashok@transmediaconsultancy.com to provide us with the name of a substitute to attend the Workshop on your behalf and on receipt of this email we shall make such substitution and allow the substitute access to the Workshop.

4. Cancellation

There may be circumstances in which we need to cancel the Workshop. In such circumstances, we will provide you with a full refund of the amount of the Registration Fee that you have paid to us and we will make every effort to provide you with such refund within 30 days of the date of cancellation.

5. Postponement or change to venue

There may be circumstances in which we need to postpone the Workshop or change the venue at which Workshop is to be held and if we do, we shall advise you of this as soon as we possibly can.

6. Liability and Disclaimer – important, you must read this

Our sole liability in relation to any cancellation, postponement or change of venue shall be limited to the price paid by you for such Workshop and we shall not be liable under any circumstances for any consequential losses.

In providing this workshop, no person is acting as your solicitor or providing you with legal advice. We are providing you with training, template documents and guidance.

7. Your obligations

If you act in any way which in our opinion is likely to cause any harm or nuisance to any person at the Workshop, you will be required to leave the Workshop and we shall not be liable to refund your Registration Fee or any other payment.

You must keep your personal belongings with you at all times and we accept no liability for any damage to, loss of or theft of any of your belongings or other items brought to the Workshop by you.

8. Promotional materials and materials at the Workshop

You agree that we may include your details in any promotional materials relating to the Workshop and/or any materials used at the Workshop. We are not liable for errors or omissions contained in such information.

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright for any such promotional materials and any materials used at the Workshop (including course notes, slides, brochures, articles and case studies) belongs to us and may not be reproduced in any medium without our prior written consent.

You may use such materials for your own business purposes only and may not reproduce, publish or deal with such materials in any way for any commercial use.

We reserve the right to change the published programme or materials as we think fit.

9. Photography and filming

We may wish to photograph or film the Workshop and reserve the right to do so for the purposes of promoting future workshops or otherwise. You consent to us (or any other person attending the Workshop) photographing or filming you and any persons attending the Workshop with you. You may not photograph or video the Workshop without our prior consent.

10. Data protection

We will communicate with you using the contact details provided on the Registration Form for the purposes of the Workshop. You agree that we may send your personal data outside of Singapore area (for example to the providers of our CRM system). We shall be entitled to pass on all of your contact details to the workshop contractors.

11. Tickets

We shall not send you tickets for the workshop. If you book via Peatix then you will be given the option to download a QR code that you need to show at the workshop venue.. We will have your name on the attendee list and if you have paid the Registration Fee you shall be provided with access to the Workshop.

12. Refreshments

No lunch will be served on both days. Tea/Coffee and light snacks will be served in the morning and afternoon breaks.

13. Limitations of Liability

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken by us to ensure security and safety at the workshop, we shall not in any way be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you whatsoever in relation to the Workshop.

Our total liability for any matter arising out of the Contract shall in all circumstances be limited to the price paid by you for the Workshop and we shall not in any circumstances be liable to you for any consequential loss whatsoever.


Jun 8 - Jun 9, 2017
[ Thu ] - [ Fri ]
9:30 AM - 6:00 PM SGT
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128 Prinsep Street, #01-01, 188655 Singapore
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